Digster’s Editors

Digster would be nothing without its hard working editors. Here are all the people invloved in keeping our playlists up to date:


Digster Editor: Adrian

FACT:  As a kid I stood in front of the TV and…

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Digster Editor: Jeff

I have been an avid music lover longer than I can remember.…

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Digster Editor: Bridget

Having grown up on soulful and electric bands like The Velvet Underground,…

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Digster Editor: Jay

Hailing from the backwoods of Massachusetts, I grew up listening to whatever…

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Digster Editor: Angela

I remember being a teenager and discovering live music on the Sunset…

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Digster Editor: Anna

I have a broad taste in music because of the various activities…

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Digster Editor: Josh

I  love music.  Don’t we all? There was a portion of my…

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Digster Editor: Eric

I grew up with music always around and as a child of…

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